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Used Vending Machines

In business, quality equipment is key to a successful operation and good customer service. However, an entrepreneur would also aim to lower the cost of his investment. It is very hard to explore these two different opportunities. When quality go up, the cost also go up. When cost go low, the quality also go low. The two factors seem to go directly proportional to each other, thus it is so hard to get a high-quality equipment at a very low price. I’ll try to explore the pros and cons of this approach with a comparison between new and used vending machines when launching a vending business.

When starting a business, it is also advised to optimize, or make ends meet at a break-even point. Since its a business, changes in the economic climate can never be predictable which can pose a risk on the business. Thus, it is advised to lower down the costs of investments when starting up.

With the vending machine business, the industry now offers an option of getting brand new machines or getting refurnished used vending machines.

Brand new vending machines are those machines fresh from fabrication. Customers can even request for customization of parts, accessories, and automations. With brand new machines, a customer is guranteed highest quality and machine warranty is automatic because the company is ensured of the highest durability and endurance.

The advantage of used vending machines

Meanwhile, refurbished vending machines are those used vending machines that are taken back to fabrication, recalibration and, sometimes, improvement. After recalibration, these machines are being resold at a lower price, that is almost half the price of a brand new machine.

With used vending machines, you don’t get the highest quality of machine parts and materials. However, they are re-fabricated, re-calibrated, and tuned up to its best potential. It might not be that good compared to a new one, but some vending machine vendors still offer service warranty and customer support for these used machines.

Used vending machines are usually half the price of that of a brand new vending machine. Though you get the highest quality of a brand new machine, you will get double the number of machines you can get when you prefer to get used vending machines, at the cost of one brand new vending machine. The benefits include that for one brand new business if you get a brand new vending machine, you get two businesses for two used vending machines. The chances of winning the businesses is double that of just one brand new vending machine. In the world of economic risks in businesses, it is always an advantage to get multiple opportunities over one single exploration.

In the same case, the cost of one brand new machine is equivalent to two used vending machines, thus, an investment in the used vending machine is half the risk that it takes to invest on one brand new vending machine. Although the quality of used vending machines are not as good as the brand new machine quality, the advantage of a lesser business risk outweigh the advantage of a new machine quality.

Therefore, we can conclude that it is always an advantage to get used vending machine over the brand new machine when starting a vending machine business.

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