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What software are vending machines using?

Vending machines are supported by a comprehensive suite of software tools that include, anti-theft/anti-vandal cameras, anonymous facial recognition , product recognition, cashless payment and controller functionality. They should also be supported for digital signage content management, telemetry, remote management and communications, and the overall operation of the system.

Vending machine businesses entirely run on software. There are many software connected to it for different tasks, such as vending business software, accounting software, coin collecting software, and management software.

The vending business software is used to help run your business, as opposed to software that you use with your machines. Accounting software is used to keep track on a lot of numbers that take place in a vending machine. It can calculate the overall income and expenses of a business and prepare you for the tax man.

A vending management software (VMS) is used to keep track of its day to day operations. It allows you to manage things closely, such as route calendar, inventory, taxes on individual machines and locations.


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