Welcome To Vending World Blog

Welcome To Vending World Blog

A complete guide of vending machine parts

 The vending machine business has become one of the most popular business ideas throughout the world. Due to their highly convenient nature, these machines are being used to offer snacks, food, beverages, recreational items like cigarettes and toys as well. Although, vending machines are offering convenience without any human interruption. All this is possible due to the presence of some following vending machine parts that are helping the machine to become the most reliable invention of the world:-

  1. Bill Acceptors – Bill acceptors, are installed for the safe and accurate transaction of the products. Bill acceptor is the primary tool that brings a good amount of money to the business; thus, it becomes essential to install this part accurately. This part is inserted in a slot which is called a bezel. It later sends a signal to the output connector for transaction recording. In this 2 to 3 seconds process, the bill is stacked in the bill cassette to be easily removed by the operator. 
  2. Cleaning cards – These are used to copy the shape of the bill. It cleans the bill acceptor from the inside nicely without dismantling the machine. It will also clean the components that will come in contact with bill acceptors. The cleaning cards are somewhat like wipes or sponges that wipe out the debris or dust inside the slots of the vending machine. 
  3. Credit Relays – This option is used for credit card users. This part read the card information to take the correct amount from the account for the product. 
  4. Coin Mechanism – Vending machine also comes with a coin mechanism to disburse and accept coins. Some products are not bought with paper currency; thus, the customer is capable of the exact amount of product. The coin mechanism uses various parts like electromagnetic and sensor to detect the coin size. 
  5. Refrigeration decks – This is one of the essential parts for any vending machine that helps refrigerate the beverages products like soda and coke. It keeps the product cool and fresh for a long time period. 
  6. Vend Motors – Vend motors are a coil on the vending machine trays. The preceding role of this tool is to push off the time after customers select their products and pay for them. Always consider the size of vend motors before opting for the products you are going to sell due to the variety of sizes in vend motors. 
  7. Vending Locks – Vending locks are essentials to prevent burglary and vandalism. This tool locks the vending machine securely so that no one can steal the product or the money inside the machine. 
  8. Vending Machine control boards – This vending machine tool is used for multiple purposes. The Control board manages the whole mechanism of the machine. It ensures a robust connection to its servers to keep all the transactional records. Besides this, it also monitors the vending machine status, organization of proper security access, and signal unauthorized access of the vending machine. 


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