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Welcome To Vending World Blog

The Food Vending Machine

The food vending machine business has grown in leaps and bounds. You can get anything and everything via a vending machine. Let us now talk about the Food Vending Machines which have hit the market in a big way. Life is becoming fast and there is little or no time for conventional cooking so the easy way out is to find a food vending machine which vends either fresh food like sandwiches or food packet or even hot food.
You have a choice of the Food Packet Vending Machine. The Food Packet Vending Machine is used for vending ready to eat food packets stored in the vending machines at the requisite temperatures. Such a food vending machine has a choice of six to twelve different products stacked vertically in each column. The choice of machines varies from one item to six different products . Some of these machines operate with coins, some with notes and some with both options. These food vending machines have a built in sales reporting function that displays the total quantity of the products, the quantity sold, stock remaining, total value of the transaction with regard to coins and notes as well. The food vending machines with these displays help the owners of the machines know at a glance the quantity of food packets sold, the stock that has to be replenished and the amount of money collected. At the same time, the customer, at a press of a button after selecting the food packet desired and putting in the required coins/notes, is dispensed the food packet. So these food vending machines not only user friendly from the customers point of view but also make the vendors life easy with less mental calculations to make.
You then have a choice of Food Vending Machines  with food cooling units between 85F to 100F down to 37.4F for vending of food, sandwiches, pastries, meat products and any other such perishable products. The adjustable temperature zone of down to 37.4°F keeps food products chilled and fresh for a longer period of time. The food vending machine has a health switch installed which prevents the machine from exceeding the programmed temperature limits.
When the customer selects his choice of product and puts in the mentioned amount  of coins/notes into the slot, the food vending machine gently dispenses the products to the delivery box. There are special trays for the products depending on their size. You then have a choice of hot food vending machine. In the hot food vending machine you select the item,  the item is delivered to the top door of a microwave oven, which triggers the sensors , sensors opening at top door, top door reverses backwards to allow the food to fall into the microwave, the door of the microwave closes, sensors tells microwave to start cooking for that particular product , display board shows countdown in seconds, at the end of which the bottom drawer of the microwave bursts backwards and foods falls into food tray and display says, please take item. It is as easy as that.


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