Welcome To Vending World Blog

Welcome To Vending World Blog

Vending machines and wireless technology?

The vending machines are a great example of showing that how the internet can affect the business model and revenue flow. With the change in time, the new vending machines are a lot more different than the traditional ones. The direct access to data which is generated by wireless devices has changed the way companies can operate and the way in which they generate revenues.

The new vending machines are designed with advanced technology such as; user customisation, improved security, smart payments and continuous monitoring of inventory and consumption patterns. Technology that includes more digital capabilities, has transformed the vending machines into smart, connected machines.

A wireless vending machine system is based on a GSM network which connects application and business operation support system (BOSS). The operating system of vending machine not only integrates vending machines, but also manages sale information, logistic information and consumer information online.

Wireless vending machines offer increased efficiency with schedule visits for replenishment when they are needed, based on actual, not estimated usage.


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