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Return Of The Coffee Machine – Vending World

I can clearly remember my first cup of coffee as though it were just yesterday. I used to sit and watch my parents have their morning brew, and would breathe in those delicious java fumes. Then came that magical morning when my mom slid a cup of coffee across the table and asked me if I wanted to try it. A drop of cream and a few spoonful’s of sugar later and I was officially hooked.  This all took place in the years before there was a coffee shop on every corner, and the only way to get a cup of coffee on the go was to either pack a thermos or buy one from a coffee vending machine.
Those coffee vending machines were something of a nightmare, albeit a necessary one for the coffee lover. They produced coffee that hotter than the surface of the sun, and they also seemed intent on spraying out a final jet of hot brown liquid just as you were reaching in to pick up the cup. As vending machines became more popular, and the variety of products on got larger, the coffee machine was somewhat forced into the background.
The real death knell for the coffee vending machine came when Starbucks and all the other coffee started to become so popular. It appeared that people would rather drop five dollars for a cup of coffee with some fancy sounding name, but there were still some folks that missed a standard old coffee that didn’t have whipped cream, caramel, or sprinkles on top. Slowly but surely coffee vending machines started making their way back into those 24 hour gas stations that sell everything, although they were a little more upscale than the ones from back in my day.
The newer machines not only had the regular coffee that the average Joe wanted, but they also had latte’s and cappuccino’s for those that enjoyed something a little more exotic, but didn’t want to have to mortgage their home for. The vending machine craze has now been alive and well for years, and it seems that every time you turn around there is a new machine selling products that you would never have believed in a million years would end up there. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise then that coffee is getting a little healthy upgrade, courtesy of a machine.
The latest line of coffee machines are being released by a company name Healthy Coffee, and the brews that are available in those machines will feature traditional beans that will also come with ingredients such as Ginseng, Reishi, and even mushroom. It appears that the machines are already a big hit, and while I don’t know if those additions are really something that would float my boat, my craving for java may someday lead me to fumble for change so that I can get my hands on a broccoli coffee.


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