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Welcome To Vending World Blog

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There are a lot of vending machines for sale, however, how you choose which machine to buy from which company is the million dollar question.

Which Vending Machine?

There are a lot of types of vending machines out for sale, a lot of vending solutions being offered, and a lot of customizable services out in the market. Below is a list of types of vending machines for sale, which can give you an idea on what type of machine you want to buy with the type of business plan you have.

  • Water Vending Machines
  • Soda Vending Machines
  • Cold Beverage Vending Machines
  • Coffee Vending Machines
  • Hot Beverage Vending Machines
  • Cigarette Vending Machines
  • Snack Vending Machines
  • Candy Vending Machines
  • Gumball Vending Machines
  • Noodle Vending Machines
  • Fresh Meat Vending Machines
  • Potted Plants Vending Machines
  • Book Vending Machines
  • Sex Gadgets/Utilities Vending Machines
  • Toiletry Vending Machines
  • Card Dispensers
  • Coin Dispensers
  • Token Dispensers
  • Ticket Dispensers
  • Paystations
  • Validators
  • Bill Changers
  • Currency Counters
  • Customized Vending Machines

A lot of vending machines for sale from a lot of vendors with a lot of service offerings. Before buying from the many vending machines for sale in the market, you have to consider several factors:

Cost-effectiveness -This is an overall attribute that we have to look into. This may be based on the business that you are trying to establish, the location where you want to put it, the type of target market that you are looking to serve and the type of management that you want to do. All of this factors should be considered before you rank your choices according to cost-effectiveness.

Space-wise – You have to know the location where you plan to put the machine. Rectangular machines are normally space-saving compared to square machines. However, the latter has more advantage in terms of present ability and attractiveness. It is important that you know where to put it so that you can choose the right shape and size of the machine.

Automatic Inventory – In the world of improving technology, vending machines have now been updated to incorporate the most recent and high tech features. However, we don’t require that you pick a high tech one, but at least consider an automatic inventory feature that will simplify and make goods accounting more easy.

Dispensing Efficiency – The ability to dispense successful has to be considered. An efficient machine not only gives convenience to the users, but it also earns your machine reputation.

From Which Vending Company?

Vending machines can either be bought, leased, or franchised. In choosing your vending machine vendor, you have to consider the warranty being offered by the company, the type of service that they provide, the maintenance support that they provide for their equipment and the reputation on how they deliver the services to their customers.

In the US, one provider where you can buy vending machines is from Vending World. Vending World is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The company offers both an array of brand new vending machines as well as refurbished vending machines, and vending machine parts and accessories.

In the UK, Express Vending (http://www.expressvending.co.uk) is the leading supplier vending solution. Aside from selling new vending machines, they also offer vending machines for lease, stocking/restocking services, and office vending machines. They also provided brand-exclusive product vending machines for Cadburys, Coke, Nestle, Nescafe, Kenco, Pringles, and Lucozade.



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