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Welcome To Vending World Blog

Which is the best place to place vending machine?

The business of vending machines undoubtedly brings a lot of profits, but only when it is placed at the suitable locations for the right people. The beginning of vending machines only requires $150 to $400 per machine, which is relatively less than other small businesses. If you have a business mind and have good knowledge of the best location to place this machine, then profits are not so far from you.

For placing the vending machine, follow the given factors to spot the best location:

Foot traffic 

Foot traffic is one of the most critical factors for the placement of the vending machine. The vending machine will probably bring more benefits when placed between the considerable foot traffic. Find out the areas where pedestrians walk regularly. The idea of vending machines attracts either habitual buyers or impulsive buyers. This way, the chances of earning money will increase by placing the vending machine at such a place.

Outdoors vs. indoors

Whether you are going to place vending machine outdoors or indoors also plays a significant role in the success of your vending machine. An outdoor vending machine is a good idea for drinks to keep yourself hydrated when you are outside. If you plan to place vending machines indoors, then make sure that people pass by your vending machines daily. Also, make sure that there is no shop or other vending machine that sells cheaper or more reliable food or drinks nearby.


Evaluate the nearby competitive vendors of food and beverages so that you can survive the competition among the best. The vending machine owners can lower the prices of edible items to attract the majority of the visitors. Additionally, you can add extra features like product selection, condition, payment options, and prices to win more customers in comparison to competitive vending machines.

Most profitable business types to install vending machines

After evaluating the best place for the vending machine, it’s time to finalize the type of business you want for the device. However, some specific business locations would be more strategic than ordinary business. By keeping in mind the above factors, you can choose among the following business types:-

  • Amusement parks or festivals
  • Hospitals or healthcare facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Apartment buildings
  • Indoor or outdoor shopping malls
  • Fitness centers or gyms
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels, restaurants, or lodging areas
  • Laundromats


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