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Welcome To Vending World Blog

Brighten Up Your machine With Colorful Flavor Strip

People are a very visual bunch, which is why a good advertising campaign can prompt them to buy without them really even realizing that they are being influenced by the imagery. You might imagine that a vending machine doesn’t really need any special advertising or fancy display to make it more profitable, but that is not necessarily the case. We don’t really think that we pay any attention to the pictures, or flavor strips at they are known, that show us which button goes with which product, but on a particularly hot day, that can really change.

Flavor strips for vending machines are a great way to showcase the product that is inside. This is particularly true for those machines that don’t have a clear display panel on front. If you can’t get a look at all the yummy products inside, then the next best thing is to have a flavor strip that will show your those products looking better than we could ever imagine. That is particularly true for soda machines, the vast majority of which are fully enclosed so that we can’t see what’s inside.  Covering the buttons with flavor strips soda that show the sugary drink laying on a bed of ice, or with cold beads of water on the can or bottle is more than most of us can resist when we are thirsty.

Flavor strips are a little more important than simply as a tool to let you know which button to press, and by not updating them regularly, vending machine owners can actually hurt their business a little. The big soda companies are constantly updating the design of the bottles and labels, or adding new flavors like vanilla or cherry, and if the machine owner doesn’t have strips that show those changes then it might give potential consumers the idea that the products inside the machine are perhaps not as fresh as they should be.

That’s why it’s essential that flavor strips for vending machine business accurately show what is available on the inside. It shows customers that they are on top of their game, and that buying from that machine will mean that the soda they receive will be freshest, tastiest one they can receive outside of taking a trip to the bottling plant. It’s all perception of course, but if there are ads all over TV that go out of their way to show lovers of Coke or Pepsi that there is a new design out, then you will want to go out of your way to show that your vending machine business is keeping up with those changes.

Vending machine distributors understand that need perfectly, which is why they are usually on the ball when it comes to getting those new flavor strips out as quickly as possible. The good news for those that run a vending machine business is that the strips are really inexpensive, and in most cases you can simply buy them individually as you need them.


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