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Welcome To Vending World Blog

Covid and Vending Machines

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly at an unprecedented scale across continents and has emerged as the single biggest risk the world has faced in modern times. It is spreading across the countries exponentially and was declared pandemic by WHO. Many countries initially had imposed strict lockdown to fight the situation, but after a month or two it started taking a toll on the economy and hence the governments were to forced to open the markets with appropriate rules in place.

With the lifting of lockdown in many countries a need for imposing rules was recognized and hence there are guidelines issued for opening shops and the hygiene to be followed at everywhere in the markets. The super market near you is probably now in operation and you would want to pick one or two things as usual. Now you have to adapt to live in the new normal, which includes following all the preventive measures strictly ensuring your personal safety to fight COVID-19.

Along with this, multiple innovative methods have come into the picture, to help citizens cope with the situation using vending machines, all around the world. Contactless delivery methods and specialized vending systems throughout the U.S. and internationally are dispensing necessary resources such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and food. It includes delivery via drone and autonomous vehicle, are allowing consumers to access medical supplies and test kits while in social isolation.

Several countries have installed PPE vending machines in medical facilities and in public areas to distribute supplies and help reduce person-to-person spread of the disease.

Here are some of the innovative methods by which vending machines are being used in different parts of the world making sure that everybody has access to right resources at right time.

  • As hospital cafeterias close to limit COVID-19 spread, vending machines are providing a contactless food purchasing option by selling plastic jars of fresh foods like salads and wraps in hospitals in New York City and Chicago. Vending machine companies keep track of orders to predict how to stock the machines, and any excess food is donated to food pantries
  • Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport installed vending machines stocked with PPE, such as gloves, masks and alcohol wipes. There are three vending machines in the airport
  • Poland’s two largest cities have installed street vending machines selling face masks, gloves, and sanitizers.
  • Vending Times, a national publication serving the vending industry, reports that a face mask vendor has installed a vending machine in New York City selling masks at $4 each.
  • Some vending machines allow for contactless payment through near-field communication (NFC), where consumers can tap their phones on a payment terminal to complete transactions.
  • Travelers can now purchase a variety of masks, hand sanitizers and other personal protective equipment from vending machines at OIA.

The pandemic has put every business to jeopardy and the vending machines market has also been impacted by the same. Although the governments and individuals have tried to invent new ways to provide resources to civilians safely, the market still seems agitated. We at vending world can help you understand the market and strategize for business expansion accordingly even in these challenging times. We provide insights from marketing channel and market positioning to potential growth strategies. We also think of inventing strategies to build up the vending market and restore the strength and potential it beholds.


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