Welcome To Vending World Blog

Welcome To Vending World Blog

Secrets to starting a Vending Machine Business

The secret to starting a vending machine business is to find a good location area and fielding enough machines. On average most people in this business are content with the income of ten units working for their money. This seems to be the ticket to financial freedom for lots of people who want to supplement their existing income/job. Despite all the challenges, cold calling to find a location does work and is essentially a numbers game. The more phone calls you make the higher the probability to find a premium location. Also partnering with a commercial real estate person would be beneficial.

Here are also some points to look out for;

1-How old are the vendors
2-What are the sales figures – see proof
3-Are the vendors still available today, ie will you be able to obtain spare parts etc
4-Are products available for the replenishment easily bought from suppliers


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