Welcome To Vending World Blog

Welcome To Vending World Blog

What are the weaknesses of a reverse vending machine?

A reverse vending machine receives used or empty beverage containers and returns money to the consumer. The machines are installed at places where recycling laws or container deposit legislation is implemented. While these machines are very important for the environment, there are certain weaknesses that one can overcome through implanting these techniques.

First is, the recycling operation of the machine is too slow because it takes one item at a time. The receiving aperture and recycling system needs upgrade and storage capacity must be increased for consumers to put 3 or 4 items at once. The scanning system is another issue which usually takes much time to scan the used materials.

These machines can use material recognition software or bar code scanner to increase their performance and help the consumers to insert items more easily. These are the common weaknesses that usually seen in reverse vending machines which need to be overcome.


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