Welcome To Vending World Blog

Welcome To Vending World Blog

What software are vending machines using?

Most current non-specialized vending machines use a version of a protocol called MDB (multi-drop bus). This is the current standard for vending machines as is supported by the vending industry organization. 

The main card (Vending machine controller) is usually built using microcontroller and software written in ‘C’.

The additional peripherals like Note Acceptors and Cash Less Controllers again use micro controllers and software in ‘C’

Interfacing between Vending Machine Controller and the peripherals is via Serial Port and the MDB Protocols.

It is more important, though, that the use of such software can make your vending machine business more profitable. It can improve your inventory and will help you optimize your routes and more efficiently schedule servicing.

On top of its key functionalities a good vending machine software provides various reporting like cash flow statement, profit and loss statement, etc. 


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