Welcome To Vending World Blog

Welcome To Vending World Blog

What types of vending machines exist?

There are 20 types of vending machines available in the market worldwide. It is not necessary that all types of vending machines should be available in all countries worldwide. But, 20 is a sum-total. Here goes the list of 20 types of vending machines –
Crab vending machines in China and that’s too LIVE.
Caviar vending machines – Los Angeles.
Live lettuce vending machines in Japan.
Pizza vending machine anywhere in Europe.
Again Japan with banana vending machine.
That’s my favourite, mashed-potato vending machine in Singapore.
Australia is always cool with its food culture – French fries vending machine.
That’s even the coolest one – Shake and beer vending machines in Japan.
Cheese, egg and milk vending in Germany.
How would you reach finding an egg vending machine stalled right by you? Well, that’s possible in Japan again.
Wow, sprinkle cupcake ATM anywhere in the United States.
Delicious burgers are also available through a vending machine in Moscow.
I would love to be standing by the side of the Rice vending machine, Japan at the time of my lunch.
Who would not love hot dogs fresh coming out of the vending machine anytime? 
Japan has got quite interesting types of vending machines available for their own folks – here it is Draft beer vending machine.
Who does not love pies? Here comes Pecan pie vending machine right in Texas.
In The Netherlands, there is a whole restaurant, which is known as a Vending machine restaurant.
It’s again Japan guys – this time it comes with Canned Bread vending Machine.
The best all – ice cream vending machine in the United States.
If you are a lobster lover, here comes Lobster vending machine right for you, Las Vegas.


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